Speeding Offence Solicitors

Have you been stopped by the police for an alleged speeding offence or received a speeding ticket by post? Is your driving licence at stake because of the severity of the alleged offence or because you already have a high number of points on your licence?

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Speeding offences range in severity, but even a minor offence can have far reaching consequences, particularly if your driving licence is essential for your work.

Often, the receipt of a “fixed penalty notice” through the post is the first time you will become aware that you have been caught speeding by either a speed camera or mobile unit. It is recommended that legal advice is sought at this stage, as this is the start of the prosecution process.

Local Team Of Solicitors For Drink Driving Offences

At Fisher & Co, we have a wealth of experience and a proven track record for success in speeding offences. Our motoring law solicitors care greatly about our clients and always strive to secure the best possible outcomes.

Exception Hardship Hearings

We are regularly instructed in respect of “exceptional hardship” hearings. This is when a client has committed a speeding offence and is at risk of a driving disqualification due to the total number of points on their licence. 

This is known as a “totting up” offence. Losing your licence can have a significant impact on both your personal life and professional life, but we can make representation on your behalf in order to avoid or reduce any ban.

Our Track Record

We have an impressive success rate in dealing with these types of proceedings, so you can count on us to always act in your best interests. 

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